Christmas in the LBC. Sounds Like a Rap Song. — 10 Comments

  1. I am so envious of your Sleeping Beauty ornament! That’s my favorite of all the princess movies for the reasons you listed, and because singing and dancing with animals in the forest is just too damn awesome!

    You have lovely ornaments! (kinda sucks as a child, but cool now!!) My tree has 3 or 4 meaningful ones, and then we had to buffer the rest with bulbs.

  2. I also have a sentimental tree with colored lights in the living room. My newest dog has also knocked it over and it made me cry because I lost 2 of my Grandma’s ornaments. When I went to scold him, I was crying. To this day, he think that he’s in trouble when I cry. Poor baby!

    I also have two “adult” trees in the dining room. Those are all matchy-matchy with white lights and mercury glass & historical ornaments. They look so pretty, but my favorite will always be the sentimental tree.

    • So you ARE a grown up, but with a childlike soul. Nice, I like it.
      And at some point every year, one or both of the animals knocks the tree over. My baby ornament broke, but I super-glued it back together. You can only SORT OF see the crack…

  3. You had me at ” Me and Jesus, practically twins”

    I grew up without a tree (we were the lone Jews in a world of southern baptists), but I married a Catholic and now have two trees which is one more than just one and way less than we’ve-gone-crazy-with-christmas. So now I have ornaments. Some have meaning, some are just pretty, and some are there just to amuse (torture) the cats.

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