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  1. In the ninth grade I took intro to Drama and Mrs. Brewer made me stand up and speak from my gut, “I’m so glad it’s Thursday.” She made me do it three times, and all three times I spoke from my freaking throat I was so terrified to stand up and speak in front of the whole room. That’s when I knew I’d never be an actor. I loooooove the theatre but alas, unless I can hide and just play a voice, I’ll never grace the stage. Get back out there, you! Do it for the trembling fraidy cats who wish they had the guts!

  2. Don’t discount the benefits of community theater: 1) there’s usually a lot of talent and 2) no pesky contract negotiations because there’s no money! Yay! I started my acting non-paid career after college, and since then I’ve been type cast as the floosie. I can’t say s*x without blushing but I can be “naked” in a bathtub in The Women. Go fig.

  3. I love that you’re a theater geek too! I majored in Theater in college. I didn’t take as much Shakespeare as you did though. Girl, that is hard core – I like it! It’s fun to play bitches. Oh, and I’m right there with ya – I was a swing choir person. (And marching band – sshh – extra nerd points for that.) Damn, if I’d have known, we would’ve been singing show tunes at BlogHer. There’s always next year. 😉
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    • I am hardcore. 😉
      And that’s it. If we both go to BlogHer next year, we’re roommates again. We just have too much in common, and the showtune singing NEEDS to happen. There are so few of us…

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