Today I had a very taxing work day; then I had to figure out what and who I was voting for, then I had to go vote. That coupled with the fact that no one is going to read this anyway since they’ll be watching minute-by-minute election updates means I’m phoning it in today. Here, listen to my brief story about our new chair…

We recently got a new chair, since the old one smelled like cat pee that never washed out no matter how many times we shampooed it, which is not a smell you want for your furniture (our old cat had some anger issues and would frequently take them out on this chair). Sure, this new one was a cheap Craigslist find, but at least I could usher guests to sit there without embarrassment over rank odor.

Little did we know Mimi would love it so fiercely. Or feel the need to dominate it so utterly – I’m not quite sure which was the case. We didn’t even get it set up in the right place before this montage occurred:

– Mimi sits on chair back immediately. As in, the second we bring it in the door. In a few minutes she jumps to the arm, and Natalie grabs the camera.

This spot’s okay…

Hmm, at least I can see the TV this way…ooo, the Walking Dead is on!

Why are you photographing me, human? Do you find my antics amusing?

Ah, comfort at last!

She totally made the chair her bitch. At least she didn’t feel the need to urinate on it…

Win for the humans!



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