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A Short List of Things I Shouldn’t be Allowed to Do. Ever.

Hello dear friends! I am the worst planner in the world. Do you know why? I forgot I was going camping this weekend, so I won’t be able to moderate the fabulous post I had written for this All Saint’s Day.

Yes that’s a holiday – look it up.

Anyway, I have a feeling this next post will need lots of moderation and tending and I won’t be here to do it, so I will save it until Sunday. We’re leaving to go dirt bike riding in the desert tomorrow. I know, that really sounds like a trip I would plan, doesn’t it? Well, I am married to a red-blooded American man with a penchant for motorcycles and boats and hockey, and sometimes we have to do husband activities. Not everyday is a stroll around the Met.

So to tide you over until Sunday, here is a short list of things I should not be allowed to do. I will periodically add to this list in the future.

  1. Be in the same house as a half gallon of ice cream.
  2. Be in the same house as chocolate or chocolate products.
  3. Work in a professional environment.
  4. Be responsible for remembering to buy flea medication or anybody’s birthday card.
  5. Really, be responsible for anything out of my everyday schedule. If I don’t do it on autopilot, it doesn’t get done.
  6. Be forced to operate without coffee in the morning.
  7. Do any type of cleaning that involves water, e.g. wash dishes, clean windows, scrub bathrooms, etc.
  8. Be anywhere that doesn’t have access to tissue.
  9. Care for a dog.
  10. Be asked to judge a pie-eating contest. I would be distracted by trying to eat the contestants’ pie. Especially if it’s pumpkin/cream cheese/boysenberry/coconut cream/any type of custard really.
  11. Have a cat, a camera, and access to the internet.
She did this all on her own. Really!



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