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Happy Halloween! May God Bless You With an Abundance of Miniature Candies that Don’t Add an Ounce to Your Frame. Was that the Longest Title Ever or What?

Okay minions, my nails are painted black, I’ve got on my all-black costume (a.k.a., yoga pants and comfy shirt for relaxing – I’m an overworked woman for Halloween), the candle in the jack o’lantern is lit, The Omen is saved to instant view, and I have a bag of chocolate for myself the trick-or-treaters. Recipe for a very fulfilling Halloween.

Additionally, my sister sent me a picture of my nephew in his little teddy-bear costume, and I almost started weeping. It’s only been three days and I already miss the little dickens like crazy! This long-distance auntie stuff isn’t for sissies…and I’m a sissy.

Here are some distracting photographs for you while I wipe away my mascara.

Let the wild rumpus start!
Nothing says “Happy Halloween” like a pissed-off cat in a costume
This one’s my favorite, because that’s how I feel about pumpkin ice cream.
Mimi wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to unscrew the lid to the makeup, let alone paint this on her fur. So props to whoever’s responsible for this.
I can’t believe I haven’t yet adopted another black cat. There’s a black-cat-shaped hole in my heart.
Hee hee hee

Notice how there are no pictures of Mimi in there? That’s because she sensed that her crazy mama was going to dress her up in a costume made of paper towels held together with safety pins and photograph her, so she has made herself scarce this Halloween. She is probably off mutilating rodents, as she is wont to do. She is more intelligent than I gave her credit for…

So that was my brief way of saying, “Happy Halloween. I love you all. I hope you get a lot of adorable kids knocking on your door tonight but still have left over candy the next day. I hope none of aforementioned candy makes you ill/gain unwanted poundage. I’m signing off early tonight so I can enjoy my favorite holiday with an orgy of scary movies and too many mini candy bars.”

Kitty says “Happy Halloween,” too


  • Lindsey

    Pumpkin ice cream? This is one very good reason to move back home. I feel your pain with regards to Mimi’s lack of cooperation – Murphy hates my camera, which sucks because he’s the cutest little gentleman ever in the history if dogdom.

    • Natalie the Singingfool

      I discovered a secret – if canned pumpkin, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon and allspice are available, you can MAKE YOUR OWN pumpkin ice cream. I am dedicated to the cause.
      And I think sometimes that cuteness levels in an animal are directly proportional to their avoidance of the camera…

  • Mia

    I take so many pictures of my dogs that I think they’ve accepted it as a permanent feature of their lives. But I may have gone overboard–lately, if my beagle, Lennon, hears my camera, he’ll come running (from another room, even) to have his picture taken. I’ve created a very small, furry ham…

    • Natalie the Singingfool

      That sounds like it should be MY dog! I am the quintessential ham. I just don’t understand Mimi – my last cat would let me do all kinds of degrading things to him for the sake of my photography – I remember a specific incident involving a tiara and feather boa…

  • Jeneral Insanity

    That really may have been the longest blog title I’ve ever encountered. I bet we could find a longer one if we tried to. The interwebs do go on forever…
    (I actually have a post waiting in my drafts to finish because the titles I come up with for it are a mile or so long. Sometimes, it just happens – obviously!)

    I completely agree with you on the “far away auntie” crap. It’s total BULL-ISH and needs to be stopped. Brothers and sisters everywhere need to have a little more compassion for their family that really just doesn’t want to move, and get their asses to Washington! Or California.

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