“You Do What??” — 12 Comments

  1. How much do I love that you work in a funeral home! I have this raging respect for you that you can actually hold that job down given the infinite weirdness that must go through your head every day. A tip of the hat to you, my good woman!!

  2. I can totally sympathise with Dooce’s story! Many years ago whilst in the grip of my first battles with depression, I was going through a phase where they were messing about with my med’s trying to get one that suits. I worked in an insurance call centre and one day whilst having a particularly bizarre conversation with a potential customer, I scribbled ” I need help!! Where is my Prozac!” and passed it to a colleague, who laughed. Later that day, I got dragged into HR for a meeting with my manager and the HR manager to discuss my ‘note in which I threatened to harm myself’…WTF!?!? and then ended up having to see the occupational nurse once a week for the next 6 months, as they thought I was putting unacceptable pressure on my colleagues by behaving the way I was!?!?! Looking back, I don’t think it was me that needed the help. So, do you ever hear dead bodies go like…UUURRRRGGGGHHHHH…when the office is really quiet? What colours do they make the enbalming fluid in? 🙂

    • No way!!! People have no sense of humor. I’m just surprised nothing like that has happened to me. So far…
      The dead bodies are pretty quiet, keep to themselves…and there actually aren’t any where I work, so that’s probably why. Same with the embalming fluid. I think I’d have to climb a little higher on the corporate ladder to get that privilege…

  3. Obviously, now is the time to ask which high school teacher. It’s killing me. No bad pun intended. Haha!!

    At my job I talk way too much about the weight of children under 18 than should be legal. The ballet world is so weird…

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