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  1. HAH. I miss school too. Unfortunately I was unfairly usurped from scholarly life due to almost dying. Stupid body.

    If I could be ANYTHING… I would be a librarian that also does Medical Laboratory Sciences on the side, who specializes in anthropoligical awesomeness.

    Not that this dream is at all attainable. Just saying.

  2. We are nerdy soul sisters, I believe. I would have been content to be a professional student, but alas, I am not independently wealthy. I LOVED school, mostly because I rocked at it and that’s where I got my limited self-esteem. Last year we were home visiting and we spent a few days in our college town (Gainesville, FL – go Gators!) and I was supremely jealous of all the college kids walking around with their bags and books. We joked about sitting in on a couple lectures just for fun – JUST FOR FUN…this is what we fantasize about. Anyway, yes, I sympathize, but fear not, it does get better. I can’t say my IQ hasn’t suffered, but that’s a great reason to keep intelligent and diverse company. Or become a Lawsbian.

  3. How you have brought back memories in a smack.

    yes, I remember my first semester out: thinking on how every hour was filled with learning.

    And now it was full of earning.

    Great post. I’ll come here for my “learnin’ times.”

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